Membership Program

The Membership program is our Wellness treatment program, but with the added level of flexibility and individualized care above and beyond what is offered in the Wellness treatment program. 

This program is designed for the patient with needs for privacy, personalized care, extreme discretion, and effecient/flexible visit structure with respect to work and family scheduling. Low wait times and private waiting rooms for each patient, private pharmacy delivery service, private counseling (group counseling upon request or based on learning needs), and open-door access to clinic on all business days. Physician, staff, and counselors available with same day call service. All care can be provided in a private, individualized way during each appointment. The model is focused on root cause healing and behavioral therapy based teaching tools, along with medication assistance and behavioral health treatment as needed.

The Membership program is designed to teach patients how to care for and heal the addicted brain and body while living daily life and receiving the medication, education, care, and tools for recovery needed for success. We offer medication assisted and non-medication assisted recovery programs. The medication free treatment arm offers weaning to a supplement and behavioral therapy based treatment process. 

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