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Wellness Recovery strives to provide high quality, private, and personalized addiction care, utilizing nutrition and lifestyle changes along with behavioral therapy, counseling, medication management, and functional medicine.  We value building long-term relationships with patients, and we develop an addiction treatment plan tailored specifically to each person’s biochemical makeup and history. Our addiction treatment focus is on the mind-body connection, the root cause of addiction, and the mental and physical health of each patient. 

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What They Say

Brian F.

Everyone at the clinic is very professional and courteous towards their clients.  They all truly care about helping us to become better people.  Bethany is beyond great, and the doctor listens and is super attentive.  My life has completely done a 180 degree turn because of them. I honestly believe they have saved my life.  Shame on anyone whoever would speak negative things towards them. All of the clients feel the same way I do.  Keep up the great job. Love all of you!.”

Northern L.

Unlike any other, not just in the their category, but this Dr. is unlike any other I’ve ever met!  She is knowledgeable in every aspect.  She is probably one of the smartest people I’ve ever met.  If you want to get clean, and do things right, this is where you need to be.  She stresses the importance of your health overall and will let you know that she is there to support you through this life change.  If you want to go somewhere that truly cares about you and your sobriety, listens to you, hears you, supports you, then this is where you need to be.  This place is your best chance at complete sobriety.

Tiffany J.

I have been to a few clinics, but this out does them all!  They have wonderful people that show you how much they truly care for your recovery.  I would recommend this place to anyone struggling with their recovery!!

Marina S.

“Wellness Recovery is by far the best treatment center in Kentucky!  Dr. Jandes is wonderful!  After following her great self help tips along with the medicine I don’t look or feel like the same person.  The entire staff is absolutely wonderful and most importantly they don’t make you feel like you’re nothing, like all the other centers I’ve been to.  They will listen to you and I always feel better about myself after I leave so please check out Wellness Recovery because it has changed my life.”

Redena S.

“It’s awesome!”

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